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Welcome to Part 2 on HTSASS! Today's subject is one of the most asked questions, how do you find models? Here I will share on how I scouted models to participate in a styled shoot. 

One way to find models is to ask your friends if they're interested. Before I started searching via social media, I asked a close friend of mine if she wanted to become a bride. She said yes, and I transformed her into a perfect bride model.

Now, if you have friends who aren't comfortable in front of the camera or they're busy for x,y,z reasons. Then my most favorite way to find models is on Instagram! I've also joined my local photography, and aspiring models facebook group. But I found most success on Instagram using the hashtag #cincinnatimodels

When searching for models you want to use your geographic location, for example, I used Cincinnati since that's where I'm located. I've also used #ohiomodels or cities surrounding Cincinnati. Once, you find the best way for you to find models now it's time to send an email or a message to them. 

Below, this what I wrote to all of the models I've worked with; please feel free to use it for your convenience! 


My name is ________ I'm a photographer in (city name). I'm looking for a male model for a wedding styled shoot on (date of the shoot). You'll be perfect for this project! It is TFP, but you'll receive fully edited photos from all the photographers who attend and me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you; please message me if you have any questions! 


______ "

TFP: TRADE FOR PRINT, meaning you'll trade your photos for their time versus paying compensation. 

If you can pay models their rates then absolutely do so! But if you were like me when I couldn't afford prices then I would offer TFP, which works out 9/10 times since both parties are trying to build their portfolio. 

I want you to message at least 5 models; it's better to message multiple models than waiting on one to respond. Till this day, I still have some models who didn't respond back. 

Top 3 ways to find models:

1. Ask your friends!

2. Join your local photography/model search group on Facebook.

3. Search on Instagram.

So there you have it! It's pretty simple, but I think the fear of rejection or asking a complete stranger to help with a project could be a little nerve wrecking. Trust me, I was there but take my word when I say it's better to ask then not at all.

Stay tuned for Part 3 next week on how to find vendors!

Happy styling everyone! 


Here we go! Part 1 out of 5 of HTSASS (How To Start A Styled Shoot) Series! Now, before I get into about how to connect with local vendors in your area, we have to chat about inspiration. What look are you trying to achieve? Is there a theme? What's your color palette? There are many questions when it comes to hosting a styled shoot but fear not my friends; there's this magical search engine called, Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is my favorite place to find different images of styles and ideas on what I'm looking for when it comes to designing a shoot. 

Whenever I'm planning for my next shoot, I always ask myself these few questions:

1. What is the theme?

2. What is the color palette?

3. What do I need to pull the look together? Meaning, do I need a naked cake vs. a frosted cake or white chairs vs. wooden?

4. What kind of vendors am I seeking to collaborate?

Once you answered those few questions, you'll have created a mood board! A mood board is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept. 

To give you an example what those questions look like from my experience here is a draft on a past styled shoot.

1. What is the theme?
Boho Tea Garden - open field, lots of warm light. Actual mood board that I made for this shoot My favorite platform to make these are Picmonkey and Canva. 

2. What is the color palette?
Greens, Pinks, Gold, Ivory

3. What do I need to pull the look together?
Rose cupcakes, a wooden pallet, vintage glassware (pink & clear), plate settings, boho dress, boho decor, invitation suite. 

4. What kind of vendors am I seeking to collaborate?
Florists, makeup artist, hair stylist, 2 models, baker, calligraphist. 

Having a mood board is an awesome tool to have when you're planning a styled shoot, wedding, or redecorating a house. It keeps your eyes in check on what you're looking for rather than going crazy at Home Goods. It will help you keep your theme together and stops you from buying unnecessary items. Trust me, I've done a styled shoot without one once, and I'll never do it again cause once you're in front of all those lovely little things your mind just wonders off.

Once you have a vision of what your styled shoot would potentially look like, then you're off to step 2, finding models. Which I will cover next week from where to find models to an actual email message of how I contacted them. 

If you're planning a styled shoot, what are your main sturggles? Finding vendors? Venue location? Comment down below! I would love to hear from you and answer some of your quetions!