Hi, Everyone! 

I'm so excited about today's blog post! Some of you may know that I host monthly, yes, that's right, MONTHLY styled shoots for aspiring and experienced photographers who are looking to build their portfolios. It's a great opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products to receive high-quality photos for their business! 

First off, what is a styled shoot?  A styled shoot is a collective, group effort between a variety of vendors coming together to produce a BEAUTIFUL mock wedding or other grand events. Or what I like to say, "true elements of a wedding." It's a perfect way to connect with other creatives while networking within the industry. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you, you realize that you want to become a wedding photographer, but you have no idea where or how to start. You try to reach out to more established photographers for an opportunity to second shoot, but after days of waiting it's either a, no response or they're not interested. Trust me; I was there, I know how it feels to write those awkward emails about how you're just starting and wanting to learn. But let me tell one thing, do not stop! Someone will give you a chance to second shoot and experience the day of a wedding photographer. Super brownie points if the lead shooter lets you use the photos from the wedding!

Let's just say you were in my position where second shooting opportunities were months away. I have a little bug that our family likes to call, "IGS" which stands for "Instant Gratification Syndrome." I didn't want to wait until my second shooting gig to build my portfolio, so I decided to do a small styled shoot in a park, with a friend, in an Amazon dress that I ordered online. I contacted a florist, hair stylist, and makeup artist, to see if they were interested in collaborating, and they were! I even posted in a Facebook group to see if any other photographers were interested in meeting up. Sharing is caring, right? Long story short, that's how I started ME X YOU


I see so many questions on what and how to do a styled shoot. That's why I'm so excited to share with you on what I've learned! I'll be posting every week on different subjects like, how to find models, and how to send those darn emails to potential vendors. If you want to be up to date please 'follow' my instagram page for any blogging updates! 

Stay tuned everyone this is something you do not want to miss! 

Style On,