Here we go! Part 1 out of 5 of HTSASS (How To Start A Styled Shoot) Series! Now, before I get into about how to connect with local vendors in your area, we have to chat about inspiration. What look are you trying to achieve? Is there a theme? What's your color palette? There are many questions when it comes to hosting a styled shoot but fear not my friends; there's this magical search engine called, Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is my favorite place to find different images of styles and ideas on what I'm looking for when it comes to designing a shoot. 

Whenever I'm planning for my next shoot, I always ask myself these few questions:

1. What is the theme?

2. What is the color palette?

3. What do I need to pull the look together? Meaning, do I need a naked cake vs. a frosted cake or white chairs vs. wooden?

4. What kind of vendors am I seeking to collaborate?

Once you answered those few questions, you'll have created a mood board! A mood board is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept. 

To give you an example what those questions look like from my experience here is a draft on a past styled shoot.

1. What is the theme?
Boho Tea Garden - open field, lots of warm light. Actual mood board that I made for this shoot My favorite platform to make these are Picmonkey and Canva. 

2. What is the color palette?
Greens, Pinks, Gold, Ivory

3. What do I need to pull the look together?
Rose cupcakes, a wooden pallet, vintage glassware (pink & clear), plate settings, boho dress, boho decor, invitation suite. 

4. What kind of vendors am I seeking to collaborate?
Florists, makeup artist, hair stylist, 2 models, baker, calligraphist. 

Having a mood board is an awesome tool to have when you're planning a styled shoot, wedding, or redecorating a house. It keeps your eyes in check on what you're looking for rather than going crazy at Home Goods. It will help you keep your theme together and stops you from buying unnecessary items. Trust me, I've done a styled shoot without one once, and I'll never do it again cause once you're in front of all those lovely little things your mind just wonders off.

Once you have a vision of what your styled shoot would potentially look like, then you're off to step 2, finding models. Which I will cover next week from where to find models to an actual email message of how I contacted them. 

If you're planning a styled shoot, what are your main sturggles? Finding vendors? Venue location? Comment down below! I would love to hear from you and answer some of your quetions!