What is it?

ME X YOU (me by you) is a monthly community-based photography group where creators meet together to network, portfolio build, and learn different techniques. 


I've always wanted to get into photography especially weddings and family portraits. But I didn't have any idea on how to build a portfolio. Since I couldn't just walk into a wedding and be camera trigger happy I decided to STYLE my own bridal photo shoot. After tons of research, networking, connecting with locals, I was finally able to do my first fully styled bridal shoot. And guess what? I now have a bridal portraits for my portfolio. 

Which is why I'm here - my goal is to help others who were in my shoes. Whether it'll be weddings or dog portraits I'll provide you the tools to start building your portfolio while having other inspiring artists behind you. 

This is a creative community where everyone is welcome!

How it works:

  • 3-10 photographer limit and work on rotation basis.
  • Everyone is free to shoot the entire length of the workshop and each photographer will have the 'lead photographer' opportunity.
  • All images are yours! After all you're the photographer! 
  • Everyone MUST give credit to the rightful artists: model, makeup, hair, florists, etc. when posting on any online platform. 
  • 1-2.5 hours photo session 

All sessions must be paid to RSVP. Unless it's a free shoot.