the girl behind the brand




Circa 1998, I was in 5th grade when I had a project about our family tree. The homework was to design your tree out of construction paper and glue photos according to birth date of each member. Unfortunately for me when I went home to do my project, I hit a problem. I didn't have any family photos. None. 

When I asked my mom why we didn't have any photos she said we lost them throughout time. Fast forward somewhere in the 2000's during middle school I would always have a disposable camera taking pictures of friends, nature, my family. I think this is where I first fell in love with photography. I couldn't get enough of it; I loved seeing what I've captured behind a lens and sharing it with my friends and family. 

Here is the core reason why I love doing what I do. In 2008 my mother passed away. Devastated, heartbroken, and never felt such pain in my life.  My sister and I were moving to a new house with our Dad, during our packing I saw a photo deep down in the junk drawer. Why it was in there, I have no idea, but I found it. A picture of my mom and me on my first birthday. The emotions of joy and thankfulness to see such a rarity piece in my family were indescribable. Especially since she never liked taking a photo, to begin with, she always thought she looked horrible in pictures. But to me, she was the most beautiful person in the world. 

This photograph is my most valued treasure (besides Henry of course haha.) It's the only photograph I have of my mom. It's the single tangible item I have of my upbringing besides memories. 

When my clients get married, I capture those precious moments when they say, "I do." It's beginning to a forever. I want them to look back at their wedding photos and feel what I felt when I found my mother's photo. Beautiful imagery is one thing but to bring back emotions like the ones you felt on your wedding day is priceless. It's what I strive to give each of my clients. I want to preserve a moment in time that future generations will look back on, and through it, feel connected to a time much before their own. I want to tell the story of your relationship: authentically, timelessly, and romantically.